The Guadalupe River Foundation

With the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority’s (GBRA) assistance, the Guadalupe River Foundation (GRF) filed a certificate of formation with the State of Texas in October 2012, with the intent of creating a non-profit corporation. The GRF was formed in order to establish a sustainable system for the funding, creating, constructing, developing, operating and maintaining of Guadalupe River Basin Environmental Learning Center(s) and associated programs to illuminate the natural qualities of the river basin and its watersheds as a pertinent theme for which to develop resources and tools for teaching, research, exploration and observation for the benefit of the public.

While the GRF is connected by formation and educational programmatic collaboration with the GBRA, the GRF is governed by its own Board of Directors. The GBRA was established by the Texas Legislature in 1933 as a water conservation and reclamation district. GBRA provides stewardship for the water resources in its 10-county statutory district.

The GRF Mission

The Guadalupe River Foundation’s mission is to increase and enhance the public’s knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the natural science and aesthetics of the Guadalupe River Basin by developing, constructing, operating and maintaining Environmental Learning Centers and associated educational programs at locations strategically selected to optimize the uniquely inherent qualities of the river basin and its watersheds as invaluable resources for formal and informal teaching, study and research.